SunWork Renewable Energy Projects


SunWork's mission is to work with trained volunteers to reduce the cost of installing solar electricity systems.

As an energy source, solar has wealth of merits. Environmentally, it is clean and sustainable. Once the photovoltaic modules that generate electricity from sunlight are manufactured, they create power with no accompanying emission of pollution and no production of greenhouse gases. They can be placed on already existing structures, within areas of land that have already been developed. They draw on a resource that is wholly renewable, and they do so quietly and unobtrusively. Practically, solar power is consistent and reliable. It can be generated at the locations where it will be used, and it is dependably available when demand for electricity is greatest, providing its peak power at mid day and in the summer months. 

Photovoltaic modules are steady-state devices and don’t involve moving parts that wear out with time. They can be counted on to function effectively for several decades with close to no maintenance beyond periodic cleaning. Solar is a resoundingly green source for energy, with corresponding practical potential.

SunWork's purpose is to place it within the ability of interested individuals to forward the adoption of solar power. Installing solar can be an expensive venture for a homeowner to undertake, due principally to the high cost for photovoltaic modules and reinforced by the cost of the associated equipment and the labor cost for installing it. By helping to install systems more inexpensively, SunWork volunteers put solar power within more people's reach. Through their energy, installing solar is advanced from being economically imprudent for many people, and from being financially unapproachable for others even when the environmental benefits are worth a great deal to them, to being prudent and practicable. 

The heart of our mission is to provide this possibility – to give environmentally concerned and conscious people who want to do something to make a difference such a route, with hands-on work and a clearly visible product, for engaging some of the serious environmental challenges present today.

With SunWork, we strive to install solar electricity systems more inexpensively, to allow more people to afford these systems, to spread solar power widely – through the resource of the actions of individuals. SunWork pushes to change the shape of our energy landscape, and to change the feeling that the environmental problems humankind faces are too big to be within the ability of individuals to meaningfully impact.